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Switching Roofs
Get a free estimate! 
  1. Work with you to assess the issues & any damage

  2. Help you file a claim to your insurance company so you don't have to pay any more out of pocket than necessary

  3. Begin work!

  4. Remove current roof system & legally dispose of materials

  5. Inspect roof deck & identify any rotten, deteriorated, or damaged wood

  6. Install waterproof synthetic underlayment with 1" plastic caps to protect against leaks

  7. Install a membrane to protect against ice & water

  8. Install asphalt starter strips along perimeter of the roof to waterproof the eaves & edges of the roof

  9. Install quality shingles of your choosing. We have many to choose from including different sizes, styles, colors, etc... We'll help you pick!

  10. Install new Hip & Ridge caps

  11. Install new roof exhaust vents to provide your attic with plenty of airflow to reduce humidity in confined spaces

  12. Paint new roofing hardware to match the color of your new shingles

  13. And finally, caulk all nail heads, edges, flashing, etc... to seal it up water tight.

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